Friday, 22 May 2015

FFS Friday - Wine

It's Friday! Time for me to get my whinge on. 

The PIL's are here. FFS.

They announced that they were coming down, without checking that it was okay with us. FFS.

MIL talked so much last night that I was convinced my ears were going to bleed. FFS.

I'm not joking. FFS.

My beautiful Chai has turned into a monster lately. FFS.

From the second he wakes up he's a monster. FFS.

I have no idea what the problem is. Nothing has changed recently, his diet has been good, he's been getting lots of exercise, we've been playing a lot, he says he's happy at kindy and the teachers say he's happy when he's there, so I have no idea what's going on with him. I'm hoping it's just a phase that four year olds go through.

I read a blog written by a lady with terminal cancer. She has four children under 12 and isn't expecting to live more than a few years. In one of her latest posts she was talking about the joy she felt when she was pregnant and that she no longer feels joy because she's dying. Perfectly understandable. One person commented that there are a lot of people who get cancer without having had children and she should be grateful that she has them. WTF? FFS.

The poor woman has terminal cancer and this idiot thinks she should be feeling grateful that she has children? Four children who are going to lose their mother before they even reach their teens? Fuck off. What a stupid fucking idiot. FFS.

Of course she's grateful that she has kids! If I had the choice of dying and leaving my young children motherless or never having had kids, I'd chose the latter. I'd hate my children to go through the heartbreak of losing a parent when they are so young.  

Amazingly she responded very politely and nicely to the person who made that comment, shows what a wonderful person she is. My reply would have been all swear words swiftly followed by the block button! FFS 

My family are all messed up and I'm so sick of being in the middle of itl. FFS.

My brother and sister in law are going through a divorce, my brother isn't talking to my mum, my nephews don't want to see their dad (my brother) and everyone wants to talk to me about what's going on. FFS.

I'm thinking about moving to Tasmania to get away from it all. Karen, I may turn up on your doorstep one day soon!

That's all I have to whinge about today. I hope you've all had a great week and have an amazing weekend planned. I'll be in my bedroom, hiding from the PILs with a bottle of wine and some chocolate. 

Wednesday, 20 May 2015


Image credit
It's pretty rare for me to repurchase something. Even if I love a product I have a pile of things to get through so I'll finish it and move on to something else. One product that I've fallen in love with and repurchased is Clarins HydraQuench Intensive Serum Bi-Phase. I started using it last winter when my skin was really dry. I had a gwp size which I really missed when I'd finished it.

I think the true test of a product is how my skin feels after I stop using it. If my skin doesn't feel any different then the product probably hasn't done anything for me, but if my skin feels worse then it's a great product. When I stopped using Bi-Phase my skin felt a lot drier. I tried substituting other products but they just didn't cut it. To my delight I discovered another gwp size in my collection and I've just ordered a full sized bottle from Mecca (great excuse to get my beauty loop box too).

HydraQuench Intensive Serum Bi-Phase a very strange product. It feels like water and absorbs immediately, I can't feel it on my skin at all. When I apply it it feels like it's doing nothing, but when I don't use it I notice how tight and dry my skin feels. I use Bi-Phase in addition to my usual serum. So I'll use a serum, Bi-Phase, moisturiser, sunscreen and BB or foundation. It is an extra step but very worthwhile.

The full size bottle costs $68 (AUD) which I think is a bargain. It's 30ml and the gwp size I had is 5ml. With daily use the 5ml bottle lasted around four months, so the 30ml bottle will last for at least 12 months.

If you have dry skin Bi-Phase is worth a try, it could be a game changer for you.

Tuesday, 19 May 2015


I'm stating the obvious here when I say that Project Life Detox has become totally derailed. As has my no buy. That came to a crashing halt a few weeks after I started (Revlon's HD lipstick and the Natural Supply Co are to blame for that one). The last few months I've been running on empty, struggling to make it through each day with a shred of sanity intact.

Over the last six months I've spent a lot of time thinking about life and how I want my life and the boy's life to look. I've come to the conclusion that I'm not happy with our life. I'm happy with Tiger and the boys but I'm not happy with the way we are living our life. About a month ago I started reading a blog called Five Fairies and a Fella. It's written by Jules who has terminal cancer and she isn't expecting to live much longer. One of her posts really got me thinking. She was talking about how she'd thought that she'd have a lifetime with her kids, she'd see them grow up, get married, have children etc. 

That got me thinking. What if I don't have a lifetime? What would I do differently if I had a short period of time left to live? What would I want my life and the boys life to look like? Any why aren't I living that way now? I would want my life to be different, totally different. I want a smaller house, a cosy little cottage with land and trees around. I want the boys to be free to roam around the property, to have trees to climb and a cubby house to play in. I want them to have grand adventures. I want our life to be exploring and traveling and having fun. I don't want it to be about possessions and working hard to pay off a mortgage. I'd be a hippy, growing my own fruit and veggies, making my own skincare, meditating regularly, I'd be calm and serene not stressed and on the edge. I'm not interested in having a huge house and lots of stuff. I want lots of photos and memories, not stuff. Stuff is irrelevant.

I want the boys to look back on their childhood with joy and remember all the wonderful adventures we had, nights spent by the campfire looking at the stars, carefree days and snuggly nights. When I think about the childhood I want for the boys the words that come to mind are free range. I want them to be free to roam and explore and be happy. 

This week I started to declutter my life again. First up was the boys plastic drawer. It sounds silly, but it was a start. I went through all my skin care and donated a huge pile of products to the womens shelter. It felt good. My wardrobe is next. Anything that doesn't make me feel good is going. A clutter free house equals a clutter free mind. When Tiger gets home I'm going to tackle to junk room. And I'm going to be brutal. A whole pile of things will go. I'll donate what I can, give away what I can and the rest will be recycled or thrown in the bin. My maternity clothes and newborn baby items will go to the pregnancy help centre, other clothes will go to the women's shelter etc.

And that's it. I have no idea what the purpose of this post is but there it is.

Monday, 18 May 2015

Sensitive skin saviours

A few weeks ago my skin spat the dummy. The weather turned from warm to cold overnight and my skin didn't like it. It got very rough, red and irritated. Everything I used stung and caused further irritation. I pulled out my two trusty sidekicks that I use every time my skin spits the dummy and I also found two new products that worked wonderfully.

The miracle products are.....
Egyptian Magic, Trilogy Everything Balm, Biyani Organics Rosehip and Raspberry Face Serum and Biyani Organics Frankincense and Jasmine Hydrating Face Cream. 

Egyptian Magic and Trilogy Everything Balm I use in a very similar way. They are both all purpose, do everything balms. I could easily used only one of them but I love them both so use them both. For the first few days when my skin was really upset I used Everything Balm as my day time moisturiser and Egyptian Magic as my night cream. At lunchtime I'd pat another light layer of Everything Balm on to help my skin stay hydrated. I find Everything Balm to be a little lighter and less greasy than Egyptian Magic, which is why I prefer to use it during the day.

After a few days once my skin had started to calm down I got brave and tried the Biyani Organics Serum. When it didn't cause any irritation I used the face cream and was delighted when that didn't cause irritation either. The face serum is light but hydrating. It absorbs quickly and leaves no residue. The face cream is a rich, non greasy cream that I foresee being my holy grail winter moisturiser. Both products smell beautiful and are a real delight to use.

I used this combination of products for two weeks and my skin was back to normal.

Egyptian Magic can be purchased from Nourished Life for $49.95.

Everything Balm is available at Priceline, chemists and online for $18.95.

Biyani Organics can be purchased from The Natural Supply Co. I got my products as part of the Face Care Travel Kit which is currently on sale for $40.60.

Egyptian Magic ingredients: olive oil, beeswax, honey, been pollen, royal jelly, propolis extract.

Trilogy Everything Balm ingredients: sweet almond oil, beeswax, papaya fruit extract and soybean oil, marula seed oil, evening primrose seed oil, rosehip seed oil, wheat erm oil, calendula officinalis flower extgract and soybean oil, coneflower extract and soybean oil, coconut oil, vitamin e, jojoba seed oil, olive fruit oil, honey, parfum, citral, geraniol, citronellol, limonene, linalool. 

Biyani Organics Rosehip and Raspberry Face Serum ingredients: rosehip oil, pomegranate co2, raspberry seed co2, sea buckthorn co2, vitamin e, sunflower seed oil, frankincense oil, geranium oil, carrot seed oil.

Biyani Organics Frankincense and Jasmine Face Cream ingredients: water, cetearyl olivate, sorbitan olivate, jojoba oil, shea butter, avocado oil, evening primrose oil, leucidal, phytocide elderberry, vitamin e, kakadu plum extract, sea buckthorn co2, jasmine oil, frankincense oil, lavender oil, carrot seed oil.

Friday, 15 May 2015

FFS Friday - Telstra

Ah Telstra. Years ago they used to be crap on all fronts, terrible plans, terrible customer service. Lately they've picked up their game and we've had great service from them for a few years now. Until a few weeks ago that is.

Tiger decided that we needed the new Samsung Galaxy phones. I disagreed but he was getting one and I didn't want to miss out (FOMO!) FFS.

I wanted the 128g version but they weren't available in store locally so Tiger ordered online. By the time he placed the order the 128g version was no longer available so he ordered the 64g. FFS.

Telstra told us that the phones would be delivered between 8am and 5pm Monday. They were supposed to send us an email confirming this but didn't. FFS.

The Friday before Tiger called to check and was told that the phones hadn't been sent yet but that we would definitely receive them on Monday. 

I had an appointment in the morning (and had four kids with me). I went to the appointment and raced home hoping that I hadn't missed the courier. I hadn't. By 5pm our phones hadn't arrived. FFS.

I'd stayed home all day with four active boys, purely because of the phones and they didn't arrive. FFS.

When Tiger called Telstra he was told that the phones were on back order and they didn't know when they'd be in stock. FFS.

Nice of them to let us know that. FFS.

Tiger cancelled the order. FFS.

He found out that the Perth store had 128g phones in stock which is what we'd originally wanted. Not FFS.

They wouldn't post them to us though, we had to go in to the store. FFS. 

Tiger arranged to fly home from work early so that he could pick the phones up. We were hoping that he'd get them and be home by 1pm. He wasn't. FFS.

He was stuck in the Telstra store for three hours trying to sort things out. FFS.

When he arrived at the store the phones were on hold for him and everything seemed fine. Then he was told that they couldn't give him the phones because the order that we'd done over the phone hadn't been cancelled yet. FFS.

Apparently when you cancel a phone order it takes a few days to process. FFS.

They wanted him to fill in all the paperwork and they once the order had been cancelled they'd send the phones to us. Funny how they were suddenly willing to send the phones. FFS.

If they'd agreed to send the phones in the first place Tiger wouldn't have had to fly home early. FFS.

Finally, after three long hours of Tiger being in the store they gave him the phones to bring home. But they didn't work. FFS.

Yes, you read that right. We had our new phones but the new sim cards wouldn't be activated for three to five days because of the cancelled order. FFS.

As it turns out, they were activated the next day. Not FFS.

Tigers was activated first. When he was out. FFS.

And running late to take Chai to kindy. FFS.

He couldn't call me to tell me he was running late and I couldn't call him, because he had his old phone which no longer worked. Typical. FFS. 

In the end it all worked out but it was a very long and complicated process.

Gotta love Telstra.

Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Mocha Mousse Lip Lites

Yesterday I was playing with my lip glosses (as you do) when I came across my Bonne Bell Lip Lites in Mocha Mousse. It's getting difficult to find in Australia now, which is a shame because it's a beautiful gloss. Mocha Mousse is the first lip gloss that I ever bought and one that I always have in my collection, it's a holy grail. In fact, if I could only use one lip gloss for the rest of my life this would be it.

There are only a few products that I've been using for over twenty years. Carmex, Mocha Mouse and Clinique Super City Block. They're products that have all stood the test of time and I love them as much now as I did when I first started using them.

Mocha Mousse is the perfect my lips but better shade for me. It brightens my face whilst still looking natural. Added to that it's the perfect gloss formula. Hydrating and not sticky with a great taste. Even better, it only costs around $8. 
Unfortunately Lip Lites are getting very difficult to find in Australia now. They pop up in Priceline every now and again, so if you see one, grab it! Failing that they are easily found on ebay.

Monday, 11 May 2015

April Empties

Last month was okay empty wise, nothing amazing but I finished a few products so I'm happy.I really need to finish some makeup. I'm using the same products constantly but I wear so little makeup now that it takes me forever to finish anything.
Mecca Cosmetica Come Clean Body Wash -  Meh. I read a few reviews saying how lovely this smells so had high hopes that were dashed as soon as I opened it. It smelled okay, but not amazing.

The Jojoba Company Absolute Serum - Love, love, love! You can read my review here.

Sugar Queen Body Scrub - Another gorgeous scrubby sugar scrub to add to my favourites list. These come in some beautiful scents, warm sugar cookie and enticing espresso are next on my list.
Rexona Sport deodorant - Whenever my pits are irritated this is my fall back deodorant. It's one of the few deodorants that work and don't irritate my pits. Nothing exciting but it works.

In Essence Hydrating hand cream - I liked this and will buy it again one day. It smells lovely, hydrates well and isn't too greasy.

Trilogy Vital Moisturising Cream - This came free with Prevention magazine a few months ago. I absolutely loved it! It's a rich, hydrating moisturiser, perfect for dry skin. If I didn't have a whole pile of moisturisers to get through I'd buy this immediately.
Aurora Spa Rituals Rose and Shea hand and cuticle cream - This is lovely and the huge size means it lasts forever. I used this every night for over two years. In the end I was glad to see it go.

Milk body scrub - One day I will stop buying body scrubs that aren't sugar or salt based. Every single time I'm disappointed because they aren't scrubby enough. And yet I continue to buy them. Silly. If you like gentle scrubs this is worth a try, if you like intense scrubs, skip it.

Natio Spa Pep Up body cleanser - Tiger is a fan of cleansers that give him a bit of a boost in the morning and this fit the bill perfectly. It has a lovely zingy scent and we really enjoyed using it every morning.
Everything all together because it looks like I finished more than I did. 

Friday, 8 May 2015

FFS Friday

I'm late! FFS.

With my post that is. It's not a baby announcement. I'd happily have another baby though. I think I'll be permanently clucky. But I really don't think I could cope with three boys. Hmmm.

Anyhow, onto FFS Friday.

A few weeks ago the PILs came to visit. FFS.

MIL was trying her best to help me, but it was a total train wreck. FFS.

You know when someone is trying to help you and they just make things worse? That's what happened. FFS.

Unknown to me she decided to hang my washing out. It'd been raining for a few days so I had a huge pile of washing to get through. FFS.

Instead of hanging everything next to each other she hung things at random spots all over the line. FFS.

I discovered this when I went to hang out the next load of washing. FFS.

I had to take almost everything off and rehang it along with the huge load of washing that'd just finished. FFS.

For her next trick MIL decided that every single one of my hand towels (including the ones that I'd just washed) needed to be soaked. FFS.

She soaked them in bleach and dettol. This wouldn't have been a problem if she hadn't put them into the bucket that my muslin face cloths were already soaking in. FFS.

Thankfully I discovered it just after she'd done it so managed to save my face washers. Not FFS.

That meant I had to rinse and wash the face washers immediately, instead of doing them the next day like I'd planned. FFS.

The next day MIL was intent on washing the towels. I didn't want to wash them because I didn't have a full load and we had guests leaving in a few days which would mean more towels to wash. I told MIL four times that I didn't want to wash the towels but she ignored me. FFS.

Pretending she was interested in my washing machine she insisted I stop drinking my first coffee of the day (bad idea) and show her how the washing machine worked. FFS.

I told her again not to wash the towels. FFS.

Instead of listening to me she asked Tiger if she could wash the towels. FFS.

He told her he'd have to check with me, I told him no and she listened to him. FFS.

Clearly me telling her no five times wasn't enough. FFS.

As if that wasn't helpful enough, she washed a pile of dishes with cold water and no soap, then put them all away. FFS.

They were still dirty. FFS.

I'm still finding dirty things in the drawers and cupboards. FFS.

Just for good measure she threw out my olive oil bottle and steam mop pads. FFS,

Poor Bella has a skin irritation at the moment. FFS.

We've taken her to the vet and it's being treated. Not FFS.

MIL took one look at it and told us that we need to get a second opinion. FFS.

Then she decided we should take Bella to the hospital. FFS.

The human hospital. FFS.

In the city, which is a two hour drive away. FFS.

Whilst she was on a roll she told us that you get asthma and rheumatoid arthritis from going barefoot. FFS.

She knows this because her father told her and she believes him. FFS.

I'm not even joking. FFS.

It must be so difficult being her, I feel sorry for her.

And there ends my FFS Friday whinge. Next week I have a Telstra whine.

Friday, 1 May 2015

FFS Friday - Beauty Bay

Beauty Bay gets very mixed reviews online. Some people love it, other people hate it. I regularly hear bad things about them but I've never had a problem  until my last order when it all went wrong. I discovered that they have terrible customer service. Let my experience serve as a warning to you all.  

Here's what happened.

I placed my order, selected my delivery address (my home address) which is the same as my billing address and checked out. Prior to making the final click I checked that everything was correct, that I'd ordered the right products and double checked the address. Everything went through fine and I had no idea there was a problem until I got the order confirmation email and it showed the wrong postal address. 

I got onto their website and emailed customer service immediately. It was 6 minutes after I'd placed my order. They got back to me an hour later and told me that my order had already been sent and there was nothing they could do. WTF?

Firstly, I didn't select the wrong address and secondly, they sent my order an hour after I'd placed it? Really? I highly doubt it. At the time they were telling me my order had been sent, it was showing as pending, not sent. If they really were sending orders so quickly you'd think they'd be responding to customer emails about their orders immediately, not an hour later. 

I went into my account and checked what address I have selected for my billing and delivery and they both show as my home address. I haven't used the address that Beauty Bay selected for over two years now and I definitely didn't select it.

There were a lot of emails going back and forth with Beauty Bay and ultimately they refused to do anything to help me. They told me that I selected the wrong address, took no responsibility for taking an hour to respond to my email and they're saying that they can't do anything to refund my money or resend my goods until the package is returned to them. WTF!

It's truly terrible customer service. Even if I did select the wrong address there should be opportunity for amendments to be made to an order before it is posted. If you know an order is going to be sent within an hour of it being place, emails re orders should be the highest priority. 

Frankly, I feel like they robbed me. They took my money for goods that I'm not going to receive. If I get lucky and the orders gets sent back, it'll be months before I get a refund.

It goes without saying that I'll never be purchasing from Beauty Bay again!

Thursday, 30 April 2015

Thoughts of the month

1. I had a massage this month and it wasn't blissful, I was sore for five days. I've decided that from now on I'm going to get a massage every month. I figure if I'm getting massaged regularly eventually I won't be in pain for days afterwards.

2. I'm very, very late to the party, but I've just found out about the Ed Sheeran/Ellie Goulding thing. Nasty girl.

3. The cooler weather has arrived and it's wonderful. I love winter.

4. This month I realised that I'm very ignorant when it comes to racism. I went to our local show and had a turban put on at a stall for Turbans and Trust. I had it put on, chatted to the people at the stall and thought nothing further of it until I was chatting about it with my Avon lady. I said to her was that I hardly ever see someone wearing a turban. She told me where she'd seen people wearing them and I realised I'd seen them too but it hadn't registered as anything unusual. Later that day I was thinking further and was surprised that someone would face racism/criticism for wearing a turban. Really? But then I put the photo of me in my turban on a few social media sites and some of the comments I got were surprising. Someone asked if I'd joined ISIS and there were a few other terrorist comments. I was horrified and a little embarrassed that I'm so ignorant of racism. When I see people of another race I assume they're Aussies. If they talk with an accent my first thought is of all the amazing food they could cook. It's sad to think that people are discriminated against because of where they come from or their religious beliefs.  

5. Shaved jalsberg cheese could be the end of me. 

6. The Bali execution happened a few days ago. Instead of being punishment it turned into a political issue and those people got caught in the middle of it. I think there are going to be repercussions and it won't be nice.

7 Yesterday I wore my flannel pj's for the first time this year. Tomorrow I'm getting the flannel sheets out. Words cannot explain how happy this makes me.